Course curriculum

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    • Fundamental Game-Changers in Food and Nutrition That Can Change Your Life - Aleshia Kellerman (Licensed Nutritionsit)

    • Minimize Stress While Optimizing Your Potential – Jason Wasser (Licensed Therapist)

    • Assess Your Personality, Journal As a Creative Habit & Plan Strategically to Achieve Your Desired Outcome. - Kristen Edwards (Business Coach)

    • 5 Steps to Prepare For a Tough Conversation - Lena Lang (Communication Coach)

    • Build Rock-Solid, Judgement-Free Relationships In 10 Mins / Day - Andre Santos (Relationship Coach)

    • How to Leverage Your Routines Into Actions That Magnetises Your Dream Life & Business - Michael Yeung (Peak Performance Coach)

    • The 5 Pillars Of Happiness & How to Apply Them Immediately - Dr. Ali Binanzir (Happiness Engineer)

    • Healthy Boundaries = Healthy Relationships - Lena Lang (Communication Coach)

    • 5 Steps to Optimal Health - Dr. Emil Goliath (Health Coach)